Running a multi-container application using Visual Studio 2017 cannot get simpler. You can not only run the multi-container application, but you are able to debug all its containers directly from Visual Studio by setting regular breakpoints.

As mentioned before, each time you add Docker solution support to a project within a solution, that project is configured in the global (solution-level) docker-compose.yml file, which lets you run or debug the whole solution at once. Visual Studio will start one container for each project that has Docker solution support enabled, and perform all the internal steps for you (dotnet publish, docker build, etc.)

The important point here is that, as shown in below Figure, in Visual Studio 2017 there is an additional Docker command for the F5 key action. This option lets you run or debug a multi-container application by running all the containers that are defined in the docker-compose.yml files at the solution level. The ability to debug multiple-container solutions means that you can set several breakpoints, each breakpoint in a different project (container), and while debugging from Visual Studio you will stop at breakpoints defined in different projects and running on different containers.

Running multi-container apps in Visual Studio 2017

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