It is not unusual for programs to generate first-chance exceptions under ordinary circumstances. Most are handled and are not particularly interesting. I wasn’t sure how many first-chance exceptions my utility normally generated and don’t want to capture dozens of dumps looking for the exception of interest. To see what they were without capturing any dumps, I leveraged ProcDump’s exception filtering with this command line:

procdump.exe -e 1 -f “” ConsoleApplication2.exe c:\temp\dumps

The –e 1 option monitors and reports first-chance exceptions as well as unhandled ( second-chance) exceptions. The –f option filters first-chance exceptions and capture dumps only for exceptions that match the subsequent name or names. A blank filter (“”) matches no exceptions, so ProcDump simply reports them

I then modifed the command line to capture a full dump for up to 10 instances of that exception(in case more than one occurred) as follows:

procdump.exe -ma -n 10 -e 1 -f E0434F4D ConsoleApplication2.exe c:\temp\dumps


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